Why Being Coachable Will Help You Succeed

Posted by Aidan Badger on January 27, 2017
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If you’re not coach-able, all bets are off.

Because if you’re not coach-able, you think you know everything already, and you don’t.

So as soon as you say “I know that already”, you’ve lost. You’ve turned your mind off to accept information.

You probably know that 2+2=4.

But as soon as you’ve said those ugly words previously mentioned, you’re mind has shut down.

You’ve told it that whatever comes next, you already know.

What comes next might be 3+3=6 or it might be…

You already new this, right?

But you already knew that so you don’t have to pay attention.

Don’t worry this NEVER gets any where close to being as complicated as that!

Ever watched a movie more than once?

Ever noticed something new the second time you watched it? Or the third…..

What if you said, “Oh, I’ve already seen that movie. I don’t need to watch it again.”

If you’d have started watching that movie with the aforementioned thought in mind, your attention wouldn’t have been on the movie and you probably would have missed things that you saw the first time!

Being coach-able is always keeping an open mind.

You never know when something new is going to come along.

And it may be hidden just enough that without your full attention, you’ll miss it.

Utter that killing phrase, even just thinking it, even unconsciously, will hold you back.

It is very important that you empty your cup and let those in the know teach you and show you how to succeed.

Put the ego away and be humble. It’s the most destructive thing you can hold onto.

I used to think I was coach-able. Oh, boy did I have a chip on my shoulder (or beard). I was coach-able as long as you told me what I already new or agreed with.

But try and tell me something that I disagreed with or went against the grain, I wouldn’t listen…and I wouldn’t learn.

I was not only not coachable, I was cynical and defensive.

“You can’t teach me anything about that. I already know it.”

What a twit.

The word humble to me meant weak and there was no way I was going to be a weakling.

But then that’s the rub.

I was weak but not a weakling.

I was weak in driving skills when I first started driving.

I was an airplane pilot so I knew how to fly but I was weak when it came to flying helicopters.

Happily I am now strong in both of those areas. But until I realized that weak skills require you to be humble, I wasn’t learning all I could.

And again, happily the negative connotation that I held in the word “humble” has disappeared and I am amazed at myself in how much I have learned and grown in the past few months.

So, are you coachable?

‘Cause if you’re not, you might want to re-think where you’re at.

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A Review Of The Shadow Hawk X800 – Using Tactical Flashlight For Prevention?

Posted by Aidan Badger on February 04, 2016
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Tactical flashlights are specialized equipment mostly used by military, law enforcement and rescue professionals. They have wide range of features and you must consider them depending upon your needs. So what makes these tactical flashlights different? Well, it’s the quality of construction and the combination of hi-tech features. There are some key features present in all best tactical flashlights. Let’s have a close look at some of the key features you need to consider when you’re considering a purchase.

What Makes A Tactical Flashlight Versatile & Important

use a military-grade tactical flashlightIn an emergency we want efficiency, reliability and equipment that has all the right features. First and foremost, the flashlight must be durable and reliable and must also be waterproof. It should have a rugged construction and have a reliable switch. The best of breed are designed to easily withstand adverse conditions and can survive impacts without a loss of function.

These flashlights should also be energy efficient and should have both high and low settings to conserve power when used for extended periods and should also provide maximum illumination when needed. These days, most tactical flashlights use Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology as it produces brighter beam by using less power than incandescent counterparts. In addition, these bulbs have better shock resistance and can last much longer than an incandescent bulb. They also generate less heat and subsequent batter drain.

The best tactical flashlight has more features and will cost you more but will also serve you better when the failure is not an option and will perform flawlessly for years to come. One of the best tactical flashlights on the market is ShadowHawk X800 flashlight. Let’s have a close look at some of its features and see if it really lives up to the hype or if it’s just a fad that will fade out with annual advancements in technology.

Review: ShadowHawk X800 Top Tactical Flashlight In The Market

The ShadowHawk X800 is an enhanced LED flashlight that successfully blasts and casts its versatile benefits for being the best Every Day Carry flashlight for America’s police, people and tactical personnel. This flashlight is currently available online and has created quite a uproar and demand.

The ShadowHawk X800 military grade tactical flashlight boasts of unique features, such as superman vision and blinding benefits. But can it actually live up to its promised “high performance”. Let’s have a look at its fancy features and tactical technology.

* Military-Grade Self-Defense-Tactical implies that thoughtful use level of detail and strategic planning went into its preparation. X800 comes with a crenellated strike bezel for enhanced self-defense and is easy to carry wherever you go.

* Five Fully Loaded Preset Settings-It is equipped with memory-mode coded strobe, high/medium/low and SOS functional lighting options. So ShadowHawk X800 offers more taclights in this compartment.

* Aircraft-Grade Aluminum-It’s extra durable, ultra tough, weatherproof, is compact and lightweight and has superior strength. It is said to have it all when it comes to design features.

* XPE 800 Lumen LED Light Bulb-This LED bulb is one of the most bright and powerful bulbs on the market today and offers 40X the power of incandescent lighting or 5X the lighting offered by florescent bulbs. It boasts of being one of the world’s only carriers of this hi-tech XPE lightbulb. It comes with 800 lumens of illuminating power which is housed in waterproof casing that is effective up to 6 feet for at least 30 minutes.

* Five Telescopic Focusing Beam Technologies-It’s hi-tech focusing and zooming technology can easily go 1X to 250X, 500X, 1000X and 2000X settings.

* 100,000 Lamp Life Hours-It can run for over 100,000 hours using just 3 triple AAA rechargeable batteries.

* Made in US- The X800 tactical flashlight by Shadowhawk has been manufactured in the US and is shipped from its California warehouse.

All in all, this tactical flashlight has impressive set of features that are available at highly competitive price. It’s best for firemen, fisherman, camper, hiker outdoorsmen, hiker, hunter, survival-minded specialist, security officer and preparation experts.

North Dakota Local Business Meetup: What is iPAS2 Marketing System?

Posted by Aidan Badger on January 13, 2015
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Whether you have a giant global spanning operation or a simple mom-and-pop local business, you should come rally at our North Dakota annual meetup where we discuss the best ways to benefit from bringing your business to the internet using the iPAS2 marketing system. Learning how to take your ideas, products and opportunities to social media and eCommerce is huge in 2015 and beyond.

For most entrepreneurs in the state of North Dakota advertising their business online can be little challenging, especially if they are not computer savvy or if they are not up to date with the marketing strategies available today. A few programs standout amongst the crowd in iPAS2 being one of them that can help bring your business online, if you are willing to learn and apply key strategies.


How Can iPAS2 Help You Advertise Your Business?

iPAS2, which stands for the Internet Proposed Acceleration System 2.0 is a formula designed to teach, people how to earn through a successful online marketing strategy. The system comprises an advanced digital franchise-style business developed by Chris Jones, an Internet marketing guru.

The aim of this system is to simplify the whole user experience, making it easier for one to streamline all the pitfalls and difficulties that most aspiring entrepreneurs face.

IPAS2 reviews showcase the customizable platform that provides an efficient and effective marketing system that can easily break through most business barriers. The system makes it easier for the user to create an income stream online without having to go through many struggles. It comes with a 100% risk-free opportunity for you to test it before purchasing or implementing it.

IPAS is on of the best system for recruiting as well as prospecting. It can assist affiliates to turn potential customers into buyers and even long-term business associates in an automated fashion. All you have to do is get more people to see and understand the basics of how the system works.

Why Should You Use iPAS 2

IPAS 2 uses the digital franchise business model, which resembles an affiliate program that offers a wide variety of necessary and vital tools to get you up and running this 2015 year. It involves products that have been proven and accepted in the market. There is therefore no need for testing or guesswork. Such a model is characterized by a low start up cost, assistance as well as support with the already proven selling process.

Growing Your Organization or Brand with IPAS 2

The system’s model is supported by an advanced back office that is meant to help you as well as your customers navigate and bring on board new members, hence continue to grow your brand or organization. It has a dashboard with seven sections to enable you check the statistics and connect with your team in a simplified way.

In addition, it has a Set up Wizard, which has seven different sections to enable you open shop or set up your own business. It also has a marketing center with different marketing tools to assist you in your marketing campaign. Another important back office element is the Community’ which allows you to interact with other users of the system. Here you can see the best performers on the leader-boards.

Easy Interaction with Customers

Interaction is very important for the success of any business. This system has an auto-responder, which enables you to catch leads from various set-up capture pages. It also allows for an easy creation of an email list. I know this may scare some non-serious entrepreneurs and iPAS2 users away, but it sure does beat unemployment in North Dakota which continues to rise.

An Easy Payment Mechanism

With this system, you can easily set up e-Wallet to enable you receive payments whenever customers come in. There is no doubt IPAS 2 is an effective, convenient and safe system to use for marketing your products or services online. If you love these qualities then IPAS 2 will be a great system to try out and promote a local or global business.

North Dakota Government Officials: Young Living Essential Oils Adds $43 Million to Local Economy

Posted by Aidan Badger on January 13, 2015
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What’s the one sure-fire sign a company is as hot as they say they are? Money.

Young Living Essential Oils is a money factory lately, proving that the demand for organic essential oils is as hot as ever.

As far as money is concerned, they’re making it, spending it, and offering it up to state and local budgets in the form of sales tax, corporate tax, and payroll. The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development announced last month that Young Living Essential Oils will expand its presence in Utah and North Dakota, where the company started up more than two decades ago.

Everyone Loves More Jobs

Young Living’s expansion will add 445 jobs in Utah over the next seven years*. In terms of wages over the entire span that means

YL will add $174,461,476 in wages to the local economy

Tax revenues are also in the millions of dollars. That’s not all…the new global headquarters represent another $82 million in capital investment for the area.

Young Living is pouring money in the local economies and Utah residents love it. They also love that this economic growth doesn’t come at the expense of the environment!

Everyone Loves Success

Young Living Essential Oils has enjoyed a continuous “upramp” of success, especially in the past several years. Their products are sold via network marketing, and legions of distributors have had not only success but also great fun spreading the word about all the uses of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

What is it that makes the company so successful?

Everyone Loves New Products

One reason Young Living has had such success both locally and internationally is their constant research and development efforts. Their Home cleaning products have done especially well in the global market as awareness of indoor pollutants grows.

Products are safe, non-toxic and sustainable, too. Cleaning surfactants are compliant with Green Seal and EPA standards, and of course support everyone’s own “clean air” initiatives as well.

Everyone Loves 100% Pure

Young Living essential oils are 100% pure and certified Therapeutic Grade quality. In fact, Young Living’s D. Gary Young literally wrote the book on therapeutic grade quality essential oils.

His standard is now the industry-wide benchmark for quality, guaranteeing that any product with his Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ stamp on it will contain 100% pure, natural oils that are uncut and will maintain their potency.

Everyone Loves “Made in the U.S.A.”

Young Living operates the largest distillery of essential oils in North America. Only by maintaining a plant right in the company’s back yard, can they ensure the quality standards required in order to be sold under the Young Living label.

Their Seed to Seal® program also ensures quality by keeping a tight reign on the product from the point at which it starts out as a seed, to the moment the seal is placed on the packaging before it ships out.

With so many things to love about the company, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that they’re planning such aggressive expansion over the next seven years. The State of Utah is certainly happy that the world is discovering essential oils through a great company like Young Living.

*Source: Utah Governor’s Office Economic Development.