North Dakota Government Officials: Young Living Essential Oils Adds $43 Million to Local Economy

Posted by Aidan Badger on January 13, 2015


What’s the one sure-fire sign a company is as hot as they say they are? Money.

Young Living Essential Oils is a money factory lately, proving that the demand for organic essential oils is as hot as ever.

As far as money is concerned, they’re making it, spending it, and offering it up to state and local budgets in the form of sales tax, corporate tax, and payroll. The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development announced last month that Young Living Essential Oils will expand its presence in Utah and North Dakota, where the company started up more than two decades ago.

Everyone Loves More Jobs

Young Living’s expansion will add 445 jobs in Utah over the next seven years*. In terms of wages over the entire span that means

YL will add $174,461,476 in wages to the local economy

Tax revenues are also in the millions of dollars. That’s not all…the new global headquarters represent another $82 million in capital investment for the area.

Young Living is pouring money in the local economies and Utah residents love it. They also love that this economic growth doesn’t come at the expense of the environment!

Everyone Loves Success

Young Living Essential Oils has enjoyed a continuous “upramp” of success, especially in the past several years. Their products are sold via network marketing, and legions of distributors have had not only success but also great fun spreading the word about all the uses of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

What is it that makes the company so successful?

Everyone Loves New Products

One reason Young Living has had such success both locally and internationally is their constant research and development efforts. Their Home cleaning products have done especially well in the global market as awareness of indoor pollutants grows.

Products are safe, non-toxic and sustainable, too. Cleaning surfactants are compliant with Green Seal and EPA standards, and of course support everyone’s own “clean air” initiatives as well.

Everyone Loves 100% Pure

Young Living essential oils are 100% pure and certified Therapeutic Grade quality. In fact, Young Living’s D. Gary Young literally wrote the book on therapeutic grade quality essential oils.

His standard is now the industry-wide benchmark for quality, guaranteeing that any product with his Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ stamp on it will contain 100% pure, natural oils that are uncut and will maintain their potency.

Everyone Loves “Made in the U.S.A.”

Young Living operates the largest distillery of essential oils in North America. Only by maintaining a plant right in the company’s back yard, can they ensure the quality standards required in order to be sold under the Young Living label.

Their Seed to Seal® program also ensures quality by keeping a tight reign on the product from the point at which it starts out as a seed, to the moment the seal is placed on the packaging before it ships out.

With so many things to love about the company, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that they’re planning such aggressive expansion over the next seven years. The State of Utah is certainly happy that the world is discovering essential oils through a great company like Young Living.

*Source: Utah Governor’s Office Economic Development.

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